Antique Reclaimed Roof Tiles / Mediterranean Yellow Mix

General Description

. These tiles are not manufactured, but are antique and reclaimed from old houses and buildings through the Mediterranean basin in particular from the Italian peninsula and the Provence region of France. They are genuinely more than 200 years old and every piece is unique.

Texture and color of these tiles are irregular as their sizes, from a mellow light yellow (90%) and a small accent of peach and shade of reds for the remaining 10%. Uncertain deposits of lichen, mold and moss on either side of these tiles are a natural characteristic caused by airborne spores that constantly deposited on these tiles in addition of been exposed to all kind of weather elements for centuries.

Rough Dimensions

. Round Barrel (COPPO) : 5” to 6” small base - 6”1/2 to 7”1/2 large base x 14” to 17” Long

. Flat Pan (TEGOLA) : 8” to 9” small base - 11” to 13” large base x 14” to 17” Long